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Our aim at KS3 Food Technology is to build skills and widen the experience  of pupils within the subject. Pupils will have the opportunity to cook on a fortnightly basis, as well as to explore the many and varied topics within food. The most important thing is that pupils have fun and enjoy cooking, but in a hygienic and safe manner.

Year 7

1st Half Term

BASIC SKILLS – covering topics such as health & safety, food hygiene, food storage, weighing & measuring, equipment, washing up, etc.

Skills developed:

-          Knife skills

-          Use of an oven

-          Rubbing in method

-          Making bread based dough

Practicals are likely to include:

  1. Fruit Salad
  2. Fruit Crumble
  3. Pizza

2nd Half Term


Practicals are likely to include:

  1. Biscuits
  2. Truffles
  3. Christmas / Easter cake

3rd Half Term

HEALTHY EATING - exploring the eatwell plate, methods of adapting recipes, nutrition, etc.

Practicals are likely to include:

  1. Coucous Salad
  2. Coleslaw
  3. Pasta Salad 

Year 9

1 Term

This year involves incorporating a Design & Make Task into the Level 1 Problem Solving Qualification.

Cultures of the World – this project explores different dishes from various countries

Practicals are likely to include:

  1. Sweet & Sour
  2. Lasagne
  3. Cottage Pie
  4. Moussaka
  5. Curry