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The Drama course should develop in candidates:-

•             The capacity to understand the basic human experiences of role-taking and role-making.  This will be achieved by means of group work.

•             An awareness of the elements that contribute towards the total effect of a dramatic presentation.

•             An appreciation of dramatic presentation.

•             An enjoyment and an informed appreciation of dramatic presentations in the theatre and in other media.


Candidates will be required to demonstrate their ability to:-

•             Work with others to present a scene from a play.

•             Evaluate their own practical work and that of others.

•             Offer a personal response to dramatic presentations.

•             Understand the dramatic qualities of the plays chosen to study.


The content of the drama syllabus consists of a range of practical work and the study of selected play texts.  In addition visits to the theatre and the viewing of appropriate film and television plays are necessary for an understanding and appreciation of the performance.


a)            Two practical tests - Acting

Test 1                    40%        Internally assessed

Test 2                    20%        Externally assessed

The performance must be scripted and rehearsed and should be considered as a fitting conclusion to the practical work undertaken during the course. 

b)            Written Paper 1½ hours

Candidates will be required to answer a series of structured questions on the set text studied – AS an actor, deisgner and director.  The set plays change from year to year.  They are also expected to evaluate work completed in the second practical examination.

c)            Coursework 20%

Each candidate will be required to submit a piece of written coursework of  1,500 words.  These piece must show the candidate’s response to the work completed in the first practical examination.