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Key Stage 3

Year 7

Autumn Term - 'BUGS'

Considerable emphasis is placed upon developing drawing skills within this unit.

Spring Term - 'Colour'

Pupils apply their understanding of colour theory within creative media including painting and oil pastels. Ethnic masks and poster design work feature strongly in this unit.

Summer Term - 'Landscape'

Pupils investigate the work of landscape artists such as Constable, Turner, Sir Kyffin Williams and the French Impressionists. The pupils will create their own interpretation of landscapes using techniques such as perspective, observational drawing in the school arboretum and spatial effects with colour.

Year 8

Autumn Term - 'Colin Paynton'

The art work of the Powys based wood engraver Colin Paynton is used as a starting point to the pupils’ own interpretation of fauna and flora. This unit places emphasis upon analytical drawing skills, literacy, composition and the formal elements of line and pattern.

Spring Term - 'Colin Paynton'

The investigation work undertaken during the Autumn term is further developed into creative outcomes such as large scale paintings, textile outcomes, lino prints and/or silk screen prints.

Summer Term - 'Local Landscape'

Some of the issues embraced & artists studied during the year 7 landscape unit will be further elaborated upon. The main focus will be upon using the pupils’ local landscape as inspiration for the creation of mixed media paintings. Emphasis will also be placed upon drawing outdoors within sketchbooks [weather permitting].

Year 9

Autumn Term - 'Arts and Crafts'

The art work of William Morris & the Arts & Crafts Movement will be studied in order to enable pupils to create their own decorative creative work inspired by plants & animals. This unit will include literacy work, analytical drawing, and imaginative interpretation.

Spring Term - 'Arts and Crafts'

During the Spring term the pupils will continue to develop their initial investigations and interpretations into creative outcomes which may include textiles, painting, lino printing and silkscreen printing. In many regards this will be a unit similar to what is expected at GCSE in terms of content and approach.

Summer Term - Foundation period relating to GCSE Art & Textiles

Pupils who opt to study this subject [&/or textiles] will commence short focus tasks relating to the development of their GCSE portfolio e.g. experimenting with creative techniques.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 Portfolio:60% of final GCSE grade

Autumn Term - 'Foundation Period'

Short focus tasks relating to developing creative skills, techniques and resource gathering. Visits to Portmeirion & Bath enable pupils to gather resources by camera and sketchbook in addition to addressing the contextual element of the syllabus i.e. art appreciation. 

Spring Term - Completion of short focus outcome e.g. painting, lino print:

These outcomes will relate to one of the two visits and will enable pupils to experience the creation of a significant final piece.

Spring half term: Pupils will start to research and develop an individual theme which will form the major element within their portfolio. This for example could relate to their personal environment &/or interests.

Summer Term - Continuation of personal theme:

Following the initial period of resource gathering, pupils will develop their ideas using a range of materials; emphasis will be placed upon creating an outcome prior to the end of the Summer term e.g. lino print, silkscreen print, painting.

The work of other artists will need to inform the development of the personal theme e.g. using similar colour schemes. The focus will be upon the pupil’s personal response to an artist’s work and not a biographical account.

Year 11

Autumn Term - Continuation of personal theme:

The portfolio should now  demonstrate an increasing maturity as regards content and the pupil’s will be encouraged to develop a final outcome for the portfolio using a creative technique different to that experienced during the previous term. The portfolio must be completed by the Christmas holiday as the final exam paper will be opened following January 1st.

Spring Term - Exam PREPARATION   PERIOD [minimum of 6 weeks] & Controlled Exam [10 hours] - this element contributes 40% of final GCSE grade:

Following the official opening of the exam paper during the first week of the Spring term, pupils will undertake a period of resource gathering, art appreciation and design/idea development in response to their chosen question.

The final outcome will commence during early March and be completed under examination conditions [10 hours spread over an extended period of days].

Summer Term - 

Pupil’s will have resolved all of their GCSE Artwork by May 15th deadline, however, pupils will be encouraged to complete all tasks at the earliest opportunity in order to focus upon revision / preparation for their remaining GCSE examinations.

The WJEC Website has a breadth of useful resources that pupils & parents may access e.g. exemplar material & information regarding assessment. It is encouraging to note that this resource includes a pleasing range of art work created by pupils of Ysgol Uwchradd Tregaron. Mr Huw Williams [Head of dept] also features in the Lightbox videos as Co Chief examiner of GCSE Art & Design.