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It is required according to law to provide Religious education as part of the curriculum for every pupil.

Religious education enables pupils to:

  • ·         Nurture self-awareness.
  • ·         Nurture awareness of others and the community that they live in, and consider their response to their needs.
  • ·         Nurture awareness of the natural world that they live in and the immensity of the universe.
  • ·         Develop information and understanding of religious and spiritual heritage within the whole community.
  • ·         Use their own experiences in life to deepen their understanding, and gain awareness and appreciation of religious elements within the wider community, by aiming and allowing them as young people and later in adult life to live in harmony with other people whatever their beliefs.

The department emulates the aims of the Ceredigion agreed syllabus for Religious education and therefore ensures that the pupils education is enriched mentally, morally and spiritually through Religious education. The variety in the themes taught shows that the study of religion is interesting and important, and that it influences on many people’s lives within our communities.  As a department we show that religion touches every part of life, society and culture and we encourage pupils to Judge for themselves what is right. 


Yr. 7 - Units

  1. Religious expression
  2. Creation stories
  3. Celebrations

Yr. 8 - Units

  1.  Belonging – Life journeys
  2. Commitments – Relationships
  3. Way of life

Yr. 9 - Units

  1. The Holocaust
  2. Authority, influence and responsibilities